I'm not in Oregon. Can you help me?

Yes! We are most familiar with the funders in our local community, but we are happy to work with arts organizations anywhere. 

How do you get paid? Do you get a cut of our grants or funding?

We charge a flat fee based on the scope of work your organization needs. That way you know your full costs up front and what work to expect from us. The Grant Professionals Association Code of Ethics discourages percentage-based compensation. 

Can you help me get a grant for my business?

No. We work with nonprofit arts and culture organizations, and sometimes individual artists. We don't work with for-profit businesses. 

I'm an aspiring grant writer. How do I get started?

1) Read a book about grant writing. Our personal favorites are Getting Funded by Mary Hall and Susan Howlett, and the Grantwriting Beyond the Basics series by Michael Wells.

2) Contact a nonprofit you care about, and see if you can help out with some grant research, editing, or even writing. Ask if they will let you read some recent proposals.

3) Take a class. Portland State University, Portland Community College, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, and Willamette Valley Development Officers all offer great courses on grant writing, ranging from one-day workshops to full semester courses.

4) Come to a Grant Professionals Association chapter meeting to meet a variety of grant writers (and maybe even find a mentor!). 

I'm starting a foundation. How can I set up the best funding process ever?

Okay, we've never actually been asked this question. Do we know the answer? Yes. Yes we do.