Annual Grants Contract

We research prospects, create an annual grant deadline calendar, and work with you to write all the grants. Your narratives will be a pleasure to read. ("Breathtaking," said one Oregon Arts Commission panelist. Really.) No more deadlines fall through the cracks. This option works especially well for organizations with 0–2 dedicated development staff. Imagine giving your team more time away from the computer and out in the world! 

Setting Up Shop

We create an annual grants plan, put some basic grants management tools in place, write a couple key proposals, train staff, and let you take it from there. We remain available for proposal review/editing, and to answer questions. This is often a great option for organizations who've just hired or are about to hire their first development staff. 



Capacity Project

We work on a project basis to find funding for new staff, program expansion, or infrastructure. We help you to nail down a specific project plan and budget, and then write a suite of grants to fund it. 

Whole Funding Strategy

We work with you to craft a plan for getting your people to give, or give more—foundations, sponsors, major donors, audiences, members, students, fans. You can't do it all. We'll help you figure out where and how to focus your time.

Talk It Out

Know you could be raising more money but don't know where to start? No clue how to evaluate your project? Not sure how to approach a particular funder? Just plain stuck on something? We've got a knack for busting out a cocktail-napkin plan in 60–90 minutes, and often that's all you need to move forward.